I do what I do as it brings me a great inner peace. My favourite thing about my work is that I can create almost anything from my imagination into a wooden item. When my work is going well I am filled with a sense of effortless motion, pride and content. When I work I am reminded that I have time to improve on things before they become permanent. I know a piece is done when it looks better than the image I had of it in my mind, when everything is flush, angled right, and clean looking. When people see my work, I'd like them to feel pulled in, feel connection in some way to their own life experience. I’d like them to have a hard time looking away from my work. When I am building I feel the sense that I am doing what I was meant to do. I am creative and seeking to meet lots of other artists.


The tools I use are needle-nose pliers, hot glue gun, colour marker to help cut accurately, sand paper, and paint if necessary. I use only the straightest popsicle sticks, so that they all line up. The basic carpentry and architectural knowledge I have learned hasn’t changed my methods of building, except for personal design and overall look. I begin a piece by drawing out thoughts and ideas on paper to see if simple shapes can modify my already laid plans, I then draw a blueprint out and start building the item from there.


I am a self-taught artist who has been improving my artistic skills and appreciation for several years. I got into building with popsicle sticks in junior high school. Over the years of growing up I have matured and learned things like: a hot glue gun can hurt the skin, popsicle sticks can be sharp or jagged and can cause splinters. My materials are low cost which is a benefit as a youth.  I built a model house that can hold my body weight, I can sit on it. That was one of my finest moments so far.